Thursday, May 4, 2017

3 Little Men and 2 Little Ladies

In the past month we have had 5 new arrivals so we wanted to take an opportunity to introduce them to you!

Charlie is 9 months old and was born with a heart defect. When he first arrived he was a little reserved but it didn't take long for us to see his big smiles!

Charlie is super observant and enjoys cuddling with his nannies. We are excited to see him continue to grow and learn new things.

Abner is 5 months old and was born with a heart defect.

It didn't take too long for Abner to be surrounded by his adoring big 'brothers' and 'sisters'!

Abner's heart surgery will be scheduled soon as we look forward to seeing the difference that makes in his life.

Faith just turned 1 year! She was born with a heart defect.

Faith is a sweet girl with a quiet personality. She loves to be held and is starting to explore the world around her.

Anna is 6 months old. Anna was born with an ophthalmic issue and a heart defect.

Anna is continuing to explore her new environment and we love seeing her sweet little personality.

Stuart is 5 months old and was born with GI and urological issues.

Stuart quickly won everyone's hearts with his big observant eyes and beautiful smile!

We are honored to care for these 5 newest additions. We know that they have challenges ahead, but we also know the difference that love, laughter, and cuddles will make in their lives!