Tuesday, February 10, 2009


When Forest arrived in December.

Shortly before Chinese New Year in late January.

We found out that Adoption & Family Network, Inc. has Forest's adoption paperwork! You can see his file on their Waiting Child website; they've nicknamed him "Evan."

Forest is such an amazing little guy! His progress since arriving here has been nothing short of astounding. He gained over 4 kg in his first month and a half in our foster home! When he first arrived, he was so weak from malnutrition that he couldn't even sit up. Within a few days he was sitting, and then he was standing with help, and then he was pulling himself up, and then he started walking with help, and now he's walking independently! All of that progress in less than 2 months!

If he's already blossomed in such a short time, can you imagine how many more gains he will make when he has a family?

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