Monday, March 13, 2017

Owen and the Horse

Since Owen arrived last summer he has experienced so many new things. He has also learned so much and we enjoy watching his imagination grow.

A few mornings ago a pony came to visit the backyard. Owen had been learning about animals in the backyard school and he was very excited to see the pony.

Owen took a turn riding the pony and then watched everything very closely. He asked the owners questions and he even got to try leading the pony around the yard!

Owen decided he liked being in charge of the pony and didn't want to give up the reins!

He did a great job leading the pony while Ava and Tim took a little ride.

When the morning was over Owen helped lead the pony back to the vehicle it came in and said good bye.

Later that afternoon Owen and James were playing outside. 

James was on a scooter and Owen thought he would pull James using a jump-rope. 

A little while later a volunteer came outside and Owen yelled, "Abby, a horse!"

We love seeing how much Owen loved seeing the pony, and we love seeing his imagination at work!

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