Sunday, November 13, 2016

NDNorth: Learning to Play, Playing to Learn

Fun things have been happening here at New Day North! Recently, all of the nannies got together for a big meeting, some announcements, some changes, some news of loved children who have joined their families, and some opportunities to re-live childhood days. It was a packed few hours!

These ladies give so much of themselves every shift...

...and they continue to, even when the children they love dearly make positive-though-heart-rending transitions.

New Day North cares for some pretty special children. Thus, we have some pretty special nannies! It always takes a lot of patience, love, and creativity to continue helping the children along to the next step they need to take. During this training, we wanted to help these special nannies to take hold of the best way to help each child in their care.

"Do you know what we want you to do every single time you come to work?" we asked them.

Can you guess?

"What we want is for you to play! Every time you are on shift, you should be playing as you work. Play is the best way for children to grow and develop. Your job is to play!"

As adults, though, we know that is easier said than done, right?

So we began learning, together, how to play.

There was a lot of laughter as nannies began remembering and enacting the simplicity of playing like a child.

"Don't just play with your children," we kept reminding them, "Now is your time to learn how to play by playing with each other!"

But that is also easier said than done, especially when you have a new doctor outfit and such adorable kiddos to put in it...

"We don't know how to play!" One nanny explained at the end to someone who had not attended the training. "So we are learning how. If we play well, then the children will learn just from watching us. And after they watch us, they will imitate us."

That's just it!

By their heart and hard work, these ladies have already made significant impacts on each child's life. Now, by their creativity in play and eagerness to learn, we are excited to see just how far the children can go!

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