Monday, November 7, 2016

Clowns and Magicians and Cotton Candy

Recently we had a team from the company Caterpillar come and they put on a huge show for the kids at New Day!

They started everyone off with freshly spun cotton candy.

Excitement was in everyone's eyes.

Owen couldn't get enough.

Jack finished his cotton candy in record time.

Their decorations were excellent and really set an atmosphere of fun.

The show began with a very talented clown.

He dazzled all the kids (and nannies) with his crazy tricks

He juggled, he spun balls on his fingers, and the all the kids loved it!

For the clowns finale, he asked for a volunteer. Josiah immediately raised his hand. The clown put Josiah on his shoulders and then rode a uni-cycle!

Next up was a magician.

He made birds appear out of thin air!

He let the children take turns touching and holding the birds. Hudson wasn't so sure how he felt about it.

His magic show was wonderful, and left everyone wondering how he did it.

Here is a video of his finale:

Next they brought out a piñata.

James tried so hard to get the candy inside.

Even Connie was determined.

After a little bit of help, there was plenty to go around.

After the big show the Caterpillar team got lunch for everyone!

The children loved the chicken and mashed potatoes!

What a yummy lunch!

Everyone had a blast watching the show, eating lunch, and having some cotton candy!

Thank you to everyone involved. It was an amazing show. All the children had a blast!

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