Saturday, July 30, 2016

NDNorth: Growing Fast

 Miss Veronica has been hitting some milestones recently! In just a few weeks she seems to have grown up from a baby doll into a curious little girl. First off, her caretakers are all so proud of her ever-improving eating skills. Of course it helps when it's birthday ice cream on the menu.

Got any more of that stuff?

 This Cutie has also learned how to hold herself in a crawling position!

 It's a little scary.... But trying to put on a good face...

 ...The more you do it, the better it gets. You can even learn to smile about it!

That isn't all that this little Princess has learned to do! With some support from her splints, and a little distraction from her toys, she is able to stand!

Veronica is making good improvements, timidly, maybe, but surely! New things can be scary sometimes, but Veronica is learning to be as proud of herself as we are of her!

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