Monday, May 9, 2016

'Mama, Look What I Made For You!'

It's a familiar scene: child comes running out of preschool, waving the hand-crafted item that they made (perhaps with a little help from their teacher), eager to present the gift to their mama.

These photographs capture this precious moment beautifully...

Can't you just hear the conversation between Jesse and his nanny?

And can't you feel the love between the two of them?

She's not his biological mother, and he won't be hers forever, but for now...she is his mama.  Her job is not just about taking care of him, it's about showing him what a mama's love is like.  And she's doing it wonderfully. 

Natalie started in our afternoon preschool class just in time to make a Mothers' Day gift for her foster-mama.

Did you know that 'Juliette' and her husband are our newest foster-parents?  So this is her first time to receive a Mothers' Day gift (the holiday is not usually celebrated here in China)...


We celebrate and honor the amazing mamas that love and care for the children of New Day Foster Home!

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