Friday, May 27, 2016

Introducing...Isabella, Elisabeth and Abel

The average age of our children here at New Day Foster Home has just dropped a little more; right after Cassie's arrival at the end of April, aged just 3 weeks, we had another  very little one arrived, and then two more babies this week.  So many precious tiny ones...we had better introduce them all to you!

Isabella is now our youngest; she was also about 3 weeks old when she arrived, and she's just over a month old now.  We're referring to her on our website as 'Isabella B' (for Beijing) to distinguish her from the Isabella already at New Day South.

She has all the precious brand-new-baby characteristics...

Isabella was born with orthopedic issues, and it will be our honor to provide the surgery and therapy that she needs until the day that she is adopted.  She is much-loved by her nannies already!

Then this week we had TWO new arrivals.  First, Elisabeth, who is almost 5 months old and has GI issues.  This is the moment that she first arrived, meeting our Vice Director, Grace:

Inside she met our other Grace, the Medical Director, and her new nanny.  Everyone thought she was very sweet and huggable!

Welcome, sweet Elisabeth.  Your job here is to drink plenty of milk, to grow big and strong ready for the surgery you'll need, and to soak up all the love and tender care that you're going to be getting.

We think you're going to do just great!

Finally, we have a new handsome young man in the house...

Very pleased to meet you, Abel.

Abel is nearly 6 months old, and he was born with a heart defect.  How sweet is this little face?!

Yes, he is small for his age, and very thin; the result not of neglect by his orphanage but of his heart condition.

Don't worry, little guy.  We'll take really good care of you.

Drink up and grow strong, Abel.  We can't wait to watch you grown and fill-out, and to see the miracles that love is going to do in your life.

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