Friday, May 13, 2016


On April 5, a little girl was born.  She was found, and when her parents could not be located, she was taken to the local orphanage.  The orphanage asked us if we could take care of her, so three weeks later this little lady arrived at New Day Foster Home.

These pictures were taken on the day that Cassie arrived.  Everyone who saw her was instantly smitten!

Cassie has been diagnosed with 'mild heart disease'.  We will be taking her to the hospital for check-ups, and she will have surgery if/when she needs it.  For now, she is doing just what a baby her age should be doing; eating and sleeping, enjoying some cuddles, and then sleeping some more...

What an incredible privilege we have, to care for this beautiful little lady, to love her and watch her grow until the day that she has a forever family (and maybe this would be an opportune moment to remind you about this post...we are expecting a lot of emails about this cutie!).  You can play a role in Cassie's life through sponsorship, and we promise to post plenty of pictures!