Monday, May 30, 2016

Backyard Face-Painting!

This Saturday our backyard was packed full of people and fun activities for our Sponsor Party (to honor and thank our Chinese sponsors).  We have many, many photographs, and there will be a big scrapbook of pictures coming soon, but we thought it would be fun to give you a glimpse at what was happening in just one little corner of the backyard...

Abby, our preschool teacher, was doing face-painting.  The kids really enjoyed having simple pictures painted on their cheeks; although you can't see it clearly in this picture, Jack chose 'a car', and was very pleased with how it looked.

What happened next was a little unexpected...Jack decided that he wanted to try his own hand at face-painting!  Abby was such a good sport and let him loose with the yellow paint.

Adia also thought that it would be fun to paint her teacher's face.  She took the whole thing very seriously.

Adia didn't want Taylor to feel left out, so she painted her face too.

When Hudson came along, he added his own designs to Abby's creatively-painted face.

A few more carefully considered dots of paint...

...and then they both had a look in the mirror.  Hudson thought that it was awesome.

High-five, Hudson.  Here's to backyard parties, face-paints, and fun preschool teachers...

...and big, face-paint-smearing hugs!

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  1. Cute!