Sunday, April 17, 2016

NDNorth: A Forever Family for Timothy

It was a very special week for a very special boy…this week Timothy (now Timmy!) was adopted by his forever family! We couldn’t be more overjoyed! This is New Day North’s third adoption and we are celebrating that there is one less orphan in the world.

Timothy was one of the first children to join our program in 2014. He was a tiny little thing, and he won our hearts from the very beginning.

Since then, he has grown so much, thanks to all the love he has received from his nannies.

Timothy has a way of bringing joy wherever he goes!

Must be his contagious smile!

And his little quirks…Like his love of balls...

And the way that we can’t keep any socks on him for more than a minute or two...

The way he scoots around is also a big crowd pleaser!

We really will miss you Timothy! But we are overjoyed that you now have a family to love you and cherish you, because that’s what you deserve!

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  1. Timothy was a huge favorite in our family! We enjoyed watching his various expressions unfold through the past 2 years. - he will certainly keep his new family on their toes! So very happy for him and his new family.