Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Transformation Tuesday: Elizabeth

Little Elizabeth (or Nora as she was originally called) arrived almost 2 years ago as a very serious little baby with a heart that needed fixing. 

She was surrounded by the loving care of her nannies and soon her serious face turned into one full of smiles.

After she recovered from her heart surgery she was able to move in with a local foster family. 

She kept growing and growing and before we knew it she became a beautiful little girl full of life.

This past November Elizabeth turned 2 and began to attend preschool.

We loved being able to see even more of her personality and hear her sweet giggles.

It is clear that Elizabeth has blossomed with love, and we are so excited that she now gets the chance to blossom under the very best kind of love possible, the love of her forever family.

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