Monday, February 22, 2016

300 Adoptions!

Adoption is always something to celebrate. It means a child is no longer an orphan and will forever be a son or a daughter. Some of the most exciting moments at New Day are when we find out a child has been matched with a family and then when they are finally able to join them forever.

When the 300th child is adopted from New Day, well, that's an opportunity we can't help but celebrate! And the very special boy who gets the honor of being number 300, Adam! Adam has waited so long to join his family and we were all so excited it was finally his turn.

Everyone joined together in the preschool room to share stories, see pictures, and celebrate all that adoption means. Adam's nanny, along with many others, shared their thoughts and excitement.

And of course, there was cake, which our little guest of honor, Adam, happily helped cut, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

Adam's mom was able to share a few of her thoughts with us
When we learned that Adam's adoption would be the 300th adoption from New Day we were thrilled!  What a testimony to such an amazing organization!  Every child deserves a forever family.  No matter what circumstances occur that result in a child becoming orphaned, they deserve a loving family for life.  New Day works tirelessly to not only make sure that the children in their care are loved and secure, but also supports the wonderful gift of adoption that means a forever family.  For Adam to be the 300th adoption means that 299 amazing children have gone before him. 
On February 22, the governments of China and the US will officially recognize Adam as our son.  He will get his forever family.  In our hearts, he has been part of our family for close to a year, from the first time we saw his file.  Our family is so grateful to the New Day family for loving, nurturing, encouraging, educating, and being Adam's family until the paperwork said we could. 
We are currently in China to bring home our three amazing sons that have waited too long for their forever family.  For every one of the 300 New Day adoptees, there are thousands of other children where they once were - no forever family of their own.  Our family is not special, important, capable or perfect, what we are is blessed.  Blessed by the gift of adoption, the greatest gift!  If adoption is on your heart,  say yes.  There is a child out there waiting for their forever family to love them, and they deserve you today.  While we are extremely grateful that Adam had the opportunity to be a part of the New Day family prior to joining our family, it is our prayer and challenge that one day there won't be a need for organizations like New Day, because families everywhere will be lining up for adoption and there will be no children without families.  Because EVERY child deserves a family forever.

As we wonder who will be next

We celebrate each child

We eagerly anticipate each adoption whether it be number 313, 326, 363 or anything in between

(Today is also Nina from New Day Souths adoption day, so #301 is already taken!)

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