Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Transformation Tuesday: Hope

Baby Hope arrived at New Day Foster Home in April, 2014, when she was less than three months old.

Here she is, as a sleeping new arrival, and this is her precious little smile when she woke up and met us for the first time...

As you can imagine, everyone that met her, or even just saw her photograph, was instantly smitten.

Looking back at her pictures, it's not easy to pick out just a few to show her transformation over these past almost-two years, because they are all just too adorable...

This one is might be a favorite:

Or one from her 'crazy curly hair' phase...

Hope began to learn to walk while she was still up in the baby room.  "Look, no hands!"

Look at her go, in that zebra-print sleeper.  

You might be wondering sometimes along the lines of "this child does not look sick, why did she even come to New Day?".  Well, Hope's orphanage asked us to take care of her because she had been diagnosed as needing heart surgery.  After tests, it turned out that she didn't need to have surgery yet, and just needs to have regular check-ups to find out when/if they will need to operate.  This good news meant that Hope was able to move out of the Foster Home to go and live with a local foster family.

So we haven't seen so much of Hope since last April, but whenever she's visited we've been delighted to see her amazing progress and transformation.

What a stunning young lady she has become!

These are our most recent pictures of Hope, taken at our Christmas celebrations.  They will also be some of our last, as we just heard that Hope will be...

...leaving soon to join her forever family!  We are overjoyed for her, that this undramatic but beautiful New Day transformation story has a happy ending for Hope, and that her new story is just beginning.

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