Monday, January 11, 2016

Beautiful Love

Clicking through the pictures that our photographer has taken, sometimes it's not the child in the picture that your eye is drawn to, but the adult that is with them.

Sometimes there is so much love and tenderness that it almost leaps out of the computer screen at you.

Doesn't it look as though Susan is feeding Sebastian a bottle of sunlight?  Maybe it's because it's so much more than formula that's nourishing this little guy; he's being fed large doses of love and affection.

For our foster-parents and nannies, caring for their children is so much more than just a job.  They pour their whole heart into the task, even though they know that it will be painful when they have to say goodbye.  Children come and go, but they keep on loving joyfully and generously.

This picture of James and his preschool teacher, Ruby, is special.  James cried when he first started going to preschool, even though he's always seemed very happy in the playroom.  Some time cuddling with Ruby though, and we got to see his smile again...and Ruby's too.

They might be just in the background of the pictures of our precious children, but it's worth noticing the looks on their faces.  Our staff (and foster-parents, and volunteers) are amazing.

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  1. Love that feeding a bottle of sunshine!! Love seeing the adults in these photos too! Beautiful love!