Thursday, January 14, 2016

NDSouth: Welcome Shauna

Welcome to your new Home Shauna, I'm sure you're wondering what to expect here at New Day South once you get released from hospital.  You will be surrounded by warm and loving Ayis who will feed you and love on you and help you grow, grow, grow!  They are great at their job, here take a look at your new big brothers' and sister's stories ~

Here is your new 'big brother' Hayden when we first met him.  He was feeling shy just like you....

...but look at Hayden now!  He is growing and learning new things everyday.  He is no longer that shy scared little boy we met at the orphanage anymore. Now he runs and plays outside on the play structure and has fun, fun, FUN!

Shauna, let me tell you about Li.  This was Li when he first arrived.  
He was feeling very sick and had to stay in the hospital just like you...

...but once the doctors said he was well enough to come home, our Ayis took really good care of him too!  Just like they will take great care of you Shauna.

And look at Li now!  He is always ready with a smile and a giggle, and loves to play with all the children.

Shauna, wait until you meet Nina!  She was shy and scared too at the beginning.  But with all the love our Ayis poured out on her, she learned that she is safe and cared for here at New Day South, just like you will be.

And look at Nina now!  She is an expert on the teeter totter, and I'm sure she'd love to teach you how to teeter totter too, once you get bigger that is!

So Shauna, you just rest up while you are in the hospital.  Because we are getting your room ready for you here, once you are ready to come home.  
You are a chosen and precious child who is already dearly loved by so many.

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