Wednesday, January 13, 2016

NDNorth: Welcome Back, Chad!

A few weeks ago, Chad returned to his New Day North family after being away for several months. He was in Beijing getting evaluated for surgery to help improve his vision. The surgery has not yet been arranged, so he has returned and we are delighted to have him back! In the spring we anticipate additional evaluations in Beijing for him, and possibly surgery, but for now, he's adjusting back to being a part of the New Day North family.

Look at the warm welcome he is receiving!

Chad’s nanny, Ida, giving him some tender loving care:

Rina, holding onto Chad’s arm:

And Timothy, happy to have his big brother back, comes right up to him to say, “Hello!” 

It’s nice to have Chad back, isn’t it?

Anna, our shift leader, agrees. And gives him a big kiss to show it! 

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