Thursday, January 7, 2016

NDSouth: December Birthdays

December is such an exciting time for Birthdays here at New Day South.

First we celebrated Sophia's 1st Birthday!

Here she is checking out her 1st Cake...

 We agree Sophia, chinese cakes are spectacular!

Make a wish Sophia!

Ruth was amazed at her 1st bite of cake here...but she sure grew to love it!

Jeannie, that is one way to taste cake. 
Jeannie loved her 1st taste of Birthday Cake aswell of course!

Sophia, you are so precious!

We had a wonderful afternoon celebrating Sophia's 1st Birthday.

And we're pretty sure she loved it too!

Only a week after Sophia's Big day, came Ana's 2nd Birthday Celebration!

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet Ana!

Your next birthday will be with your Forever Mommy & Daddy!

Ana was amazed at her perfectly decorated cake, so colorful!

Everyone gather around it's time to sing, 'Happy Birthday'!

Sweet Nina loved her piece of cake, can't you tell!

This was Jade's 1st time trying cake, we think she liked it don't you?

 Ruth really really likes cake, can't you tell! 
Chinese Birthday cake with all it's fruit really is great isn't it Ruth.

Ana, you may have something on your nose!

Sweet Ana, you have grown so much over the past 2 years.
We are so excited for you this upcoming year as this is THE year your forever family comes to bring you home!
Happy Birthday Ana!

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