Friday, January 8, 2016

Introducing...James and Leo

Did you know that in 2015 we welcomed 23 new arrivals?  The last two were right at the end of the year, so we haven't had much chance to introduce them to you all yet.  It's time to remedy that now though, these are two amazing young men!

The week before Christmas, four-year-old James arrived.  He came to us from the hospital, where he'd had surgery on his legs; regular therapy is really important for his recovery, and we're glad to be able to provide that for him.

Unusually, we got to see James' delightful smile on his very first day here.  He was mostly excited to play with all the toys in the playroom.

He fits in wonderfully with the general fun and goofiness that goes on here, and is happy to pose with random items on his head.

It's a delight to see him getting along with his new 'brothers', and joining in with all the different activities that go on.

One activity that James was initially not too thrilled about was preschool, but after a couple of days he started to get used to it.

Friendly teachers and fun toys certainly help, don't they, James?

Our final arrival of the year, Leo, arrived like a very special gift, on Christmas Day itself.

He's two years old, and also needs regular therapy following orthopedic surgery.  Isn't he a cutie?

We had some Christmas gifts ready to give to him when he first arrived, before he went straight to his new foster family.  As he is living with a foster family, we don't have too many pictures of him yet (but watch this space for more as he attends preschool and therapy sessions).

So, now we've caught up with the last of the introductions from 2015.  Welcome, James and Leo.   We can't wait to see the progress you're going to make as you receive regular therapy and large doses of loving care.

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