Sunday, January 31, 2016

Celebrating Ella

With more than 30 birthdays to celebrate every year, it's not possible to do a special birthday-blog-post for every child, even though there is so much to celebrate about each one of them.  However, today is Ella's 5th birthday, and she gets a post in celebration, 'just because'.

Ella has been here at New Day Foster Home since she was a little baby, back in March 2011.  She was very ill when she first arrived, and since then she has had way more than her fair share of set-backs, time in hospital, and scary moments.

The picture above is from this post, written exactly three years ago (a February birthday means that some years Ella's birthday falls during the Chinese New Year holiday).  Reaching her second birthday was a miracle, and it's been a beautiful miracle to watch her grow in the three years since then.  She's looking like a real 'big girl' these days!

Ella still loves getting her hair done...

...and having a massage. 

Tucked away in the Critical Care Unit to protect her from infections, most people don't get to see her, but Ella is being tenderly loved and cared for by the amazing CCU nannies.

Ella's life is precious, and it is our ongoing privilege to have her here at New Day.  Still, our biggest birthday wish for Ella (besides that for her dramatic and miraculous healing) is that this would be the year that her forever family finds her.  

Happy Birthday, Ella!

For more information about adopting Ella (not inquiries about other New Day Children please, as in the vast majority of cases we will be unable to give out any information besides that which is already on our website), you can contact

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