Saturday, February 2, 2013

Four Signs of Love (The 12 Days of CNY)

There's something powerful about Ella. People are drawn to her, drawn to loving her... and when they love her it changes their lives.

Ella needs a lot of special care and has some pretty serious special needs. She's an all-around special girl, and those who get the privilege of knowing her can't keep her out of their minds. Loving Ella is dangerous, but it's one of the most incredible experiences anyone will ever have, as I'm sure anyone who's gotten to know her can agree with!

We've watched Ella grow up from a tiny little baby into a little girl, and while it's been heartbreaking at times to see her struggle, it's been beautiful to watch her grow.

Right before Christmas, Ella became very, very sick. We were afraid that we would lose her, and she was admitted into PICU. After a few weeks, Ella managed to stabilize and was released from the hospital. Our hearts nearly burst with happiness to have her home, and we were so thrilled to see that her smile, which had been hidden for months, was finally back. It was as if she knew that she was home and felt at peace. Since that day she's been doing so well; lots of cuddle-time and song-time have had something to do with that, we're sure.

On the 4th Day of Chinese New Year, New Day is giving to you... three pictures showing the love that Ella receives and the beauty we see every day in her life, and one special piece of news.

Getting loved on

holding her head up!
eye contact
The big and very special news is that Ella just turned two years old! One year ago we didn't know if she would live to this day, so today, in honor of her birthday and her life let's keep doing this big thing, giving other children the chance to experience love.

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