Friday, January 29, 2016

All The Layers

Beijing winters are always cold, but this one is especially arctic.  At times, temperatures have hit a 30-year low of around -17 (just over 1 degree Fahrenheit) and we are all wearing more layers than normal.

For our foster families travelling in and out of New Day for preschool, therapy and medical check-ups, keeping the kids warm is a big challenge.  All of them do a great job at wrapping their precious charges up well, but Natalie's foster-mama has it down to a fine-art!

It's all about the layers.  When Natalie comes for her monthly check-up and needs to be weighed and measured, it's a pretty long process to 'unwrap her'...and then to put them all back on again afterwards.

Look who we found under all of those sweaters and pants...Natalie!

And here she is with them all back on again. 

Time to head out and brave the cold for the journey home.  Coat, hat, scarf...

...and one of her foster-baba's coats to wear in the cart.  Toasty-warm!

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