Friday, January 1, 2016

2015: Looking Back

A new year has already begun, but there's still time for a little look back through the old one. Picking favorite posts is never easy, but here it is; 2015 in review...

It's good to start the year full of hope, and so we did!  We were amazed by how fast Hope was growing up then, and look at her now: 

We consider it our responsibility to raise awareness about potential hazards, so in February we wrote about the dangers of the toddler room.  Consider yourself warned!

This blog is also a place for us to appeal for assistance from our readers, and in March we yelled "help, we have a problem".  We have to report that this 'problem' only increased as the year went on...

In all seriousness, one of our favorite things to do is to tell you about the incredible miracles that happen in the lives of children, who are in desperate need of them.  What a joy it was to share Connie's Amazing Story!

Sometimes kids are so cute that you/we can't get enough of them, so in May we brought you Charlotte, Charlotte and more Charlotte.  Which picture is the sweetest?  Is it even possible to choose?

Talking of cuteness, does it get any cuter than two little ladies dancing in the sunshine?  And 'sunshine'...what is that?  We've forgotten, here in the depths of a Beijing winter!
(click on the link to watch the videos)

So many questions...and back in July we asked how many people does it take to give Eli a haircut?
Our sweet Eli is still in the hospital, after being admitted 7 weeks ago for heart surgery.  We miss him and can't wait to have him home.

It's always exciting to post about 'firsts', like Ari's first day of preschool...

There are plenty of firsts when we have new arrivals, and this Fall we had plenty of those... the pictures of when Matthew first met Ava are beautiful, even if we do say so ourselves.

We've done a whole lot of 'introduction' posts, and in October you got to meet more new boys.

We know that many have followed our blog (and Facebook) for a long time, watching many children arrive and then leave, so it was such a wonderful privilege to give you a glimpse of where they are now, in our Adoption Awareness Month special post, featuring a host of New Day graduates.

Which brings us right up to December, and quite possibly the most adorable playroom Nativity ever. Until December 2016, which will might be even cuter.  Stay tuned* to find out!

All of us here at New Day Foster Home would like to thank you for your interest and support in 2015, and wish you a wonderful 2016.  We look forward to sharing many more Amazing Stories and Transformation Tuesdays with you, along with more cute pictures than you can handle!

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