Thursday, December 31, 2015

NDSouth: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Whatcha got there Nina?

Is it a Christmas present just for you!

Quick, everyone gather around!

Sweet Ana, in true Ana fashion gently, carefully opens her gift...

...while Li opens his with all eyes watching.

"Here let me help you Li", offers Jade.

"Hurry up!" thinks Jade.

4 sets of curious eyes!

Nina has discovered a tambourine with a mirror in it!  Wow!

Sweet Jade is checking our her reflection in it, I think she approves!

 Ana tenderly checks out the new Fisher Price Butterfly Shape Sorter!

 Li has discovered a love of drumming with his new Tap-A-Tune Little Tikes drum!

 Look what Hayden is excited for!
Grandpa Ken surprised all the children with a new t.v. for the Toddler Apartment!

Meanwhile, up in the Babies apartment...

Jeanie is facinated with the beautiful shiny paper....
but oh look there is something under that shiny paper,
I wonder what it is Jeanie?

A brand new Little Tykes Drum-a-Ditty!
Jeanie figured out how to play it right away and she loved it!

Ruth and Sophia worked together to figure out how to use their new Pop Up Surprise toy.

Great sharing girls!

Sadie had a blast on Christmas calling all her friends on her new Little Tykes Cell phone!

Ruth would like to say, "WOW, Grandpa Ken! We sure do love our new t.v. in our Babies Apartment! This is the best Christmas yet!"

Our hearts here at New Day South are overflowing from the outpouring of generousity that you, our supporters, have shown us this 2015 Christmas Season!

Merry Christmas from our home to yours.

Love, all the children & staff from New Day South ~

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