Tuesday, December 1, 2015

#GivingTuesday: Updates!

Last Tuesday we told you about your opportunity to join the celebration of #Giving Tuesday by making a donation to our Medical & Surgical funds.

Now #GivingTuesday has arrived!  Since the last post was written, we have some updates on how the kids are doing...

We are so happy that Jesse is now home from the hospital and recovering well!  For the first few days he was looking rather fragile, but now we are starting to see his beautiful smile again.  He must be feeling better because he did an impressive job making the Thanksgiving feast disappear...

From New Day South, there is very good news about Abigail - she was also released from the hospital on Saturday! She amazed us all by how quickly she recovered from such a major surgery, but she will require special care for quite some time and a 2nd surgery when she is a bit older.

It's not all happy news though, sadly.  Little Guy (pictured above) from New Day South is in critical condition in the hospital now.  Here at New Day Beijing, we recently found out that not only does Marcus need a liver transplant, he also needs heart surgery.  He was admitted to the hospital to have the heart surgery last week, but developed a fever and had to come home again.  He really needs to have a healthy heart so that he will be ready when a suitable liver becomes available for him.

From New Day North, news about Clara:
Clara is still a fragile little one, and when she gets sick it gets bad quickly. Clara's heart surgery has also not yet been fully funded and she is being transferred to Beijing to be evaluated for the possibility of a second heart surgery.

On Wednesday, Eli had his much-needed second heart surgery.  It took more than five hours, and his recovery was a little rocky; he came off the ventilator after two days, but was struggling and had to go back on it again, with some concern that he might need to go back into surgery.  He's off the ventilator and doing well now though, and we just heard that he has been moved from the ICU to the regular ward.

There's more, we have a precious new arrival, Jewel, who also needs heart surgery, and we are expecting more new arrivals with serious needs very soon.  Our Medical & Surgical Funds are always hard-worked and put to such good use.

We want to thank all of you who have already given - your generosity makes a difference!

Click here to make a donation to the New Day Beijing Medical & Surgical Fund.
Click here to make a donation to the New Day South Medical & Surgical Fund.
Click here to make a donation to the New Day North Medical & Surgical Fund.

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