Monday, November 30, 2015

Adoption Awareness Month Guest Post: Love It Forward

Presenting the last of this month's special guest posts to celebrate Adoption Awareness Month!  The timing and so many things about this are amazing 'coincidences'.  It arrived by email headed as a 'Thanksgiving love it forward blog post', and links in beautifully with our #GivingTuesday appeal.  'Miracle Mark' and his almost-namesake Marcus, share a November birthday and a scary medical diagnosis.  Mark is now a beloved son named Markie, and his mom has written about their decision to sponsor Marcus, as he waits for his liver-transplant and a forever family.

Souls are wonderous. How they began is perhaps our most curious human question.  Why they began is perhaps our most curious spiritual question.  That answer for me has been revealed through love.  His name is Markie Jing; my Tong Tong, my son.

I am profoundly grateful that our souls found each other in the most unexpected way - and at the most unexpected time.  It was and will always be a miracle to me, which is perfectly fitting since he was referred to so affectionately as Miracle Mark when he began his early and dramatic healing journey at New Day.   Of course, healing of any sort is no small thing.  It is monumental actually, and requires acts of deep faith, perseverance, and love.  Always love.

MJZ (as I often call him) is a beacon of hope to me.  I often pray and think about his sweet heart and mind and body, and his humanity.  As his mother and kindred soul, I know I must nurture his humanity so that he will always know his own.  It is my privilege to help him make sense of his life narrative, now and across time.  Our stories tell us who we are, who we wish to be.  And, our acts of kindness manifest that story in the best of ways, in this world here and now.  

That's why our family has chosen to love it forward and sponsor another child at New Day.  A child named Marcus.  Precious Marcus, who awaits a life-saving liver transplant, much like Markie just a little over two years ago.  Precious Marcus, who is beginning his early and dramatic healing journey at New Day, much like Markie just a little over two and a half years ago.  Precious Marcus, who was born into this world on November 5th one year ago, exactly like Markie just a little over three years ago.  Precious Marcus.  Markie and I love you, and we stand with you as you take one healing step at a time.

Love mends.  Love lifts.  Love endures.  Always.


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