Monday, November 2, 2015

{Where They Are Now} Adoption Awareness Month Special 2015!

As part of last year's Adoption Awareness Month celebrations, we published this post; it was such a privilege to be able to share up-to-date pictures of some of our 'graduates' thriving in their forever families.

This year we have even more pictures.  Sixty-nine to be precise.  It's overwhelming, in a really really good way.  So many smiling, happy faces of dearly-loved sons and daughters!

As you scroll down, you may recognize some of them.  Maybe you sponsored them, prayed for them, visited and played with them, for which we (and their families) thank you so much.  We told the first part of their stories, the painful part with ugly words like 'abandoned' and 'surgery', and we are so happy to offer you a glimpse into the rest of their story.  These pictures speak a thousand words about the beauty of adoption.

Let's start with some faces that are still very familiar...

How about some that we said 'goodbye' to just last year?

And another year back?

How about some kiddos adopted in 2012?

A few from 2011...

In the picture above, Vincent's sister Mallory was not adopted from New Day Foster Home, but was cared for as part of our Formula Project: so awesome to be able to include a Formula Project graduate!

How many of you readers are still recognizing these faces?!  As the staff here in the office have looked at these pictures, they are still so fondly-remembered.  Pictures of New Day graduates are one of our favorite things, and such a perfect reminder of why we do what we do.

Finishing up with Bethany, adopted in 2004, and her friend Joy, adopted 8 years later and living in the same town!

Check out these links on our website for more information about adoption from China.


  1. Oh, it is so good to finally see Esther's (Maj) sweet face again! Thank you New Day and her wonderful parents for sharing this precious photo of her. This really made my families day to see her. God bless her and her family. Thank you again!

  2. Wonderful to see all of them looking so well and happy. Especially exciting to see Zoe! !

  3. I see so many faces from 2009/2010 that i recognize from when i worked at New Day in the summer. Such a blessing to see these sweet ones growing up. This made my day. Thank you! Still wondering how little Deborah and sweet Elijah are, how I love and miss these kiddos!