Monday, November 24, 2014

{Where They Are Now} Adoption Awareness Month Special!

November is National Adoption Month in the US, so we thought we would join the celebration with something a little special…

The pictures that we post on Facebook announcing that a child “has left to join their forever family” are the last that you, our wonderful blog-followers and NDFH fans, get to see.  Which is as it should be, the children are not actual celebrities (well OK, Will is!), and sharing pictures is totally the privilege of their new parents.  Some families choose to share the link to their family blogs, while others don’t (or simply don’t have the time/energy to write a blog).

Today we are delighted to share with you just a few pictures of some amazing New Day graduates. A big thank you to all the families for sharing these precious snaps of their little (and not so little) miracles!

Shall we start with some still very familiar faces…?

Madelyn, adopted at the end of last month!

Nate, adopted in August.

Noah (with his big sister), adopted in July.

Maddox, also adopted in July.

Tessa Joy, adopted in May.

Stella, adopted in March.

Rachel, also adopted in March.

Maya, adopted in February.

Would you like to see some of the kiddos who joined their forever families last year?









Colton and Claire (adopted in 2012)



How about these sweet faces that left in 2012?



CJ (Jayce)






Kendra (Vivian)

For those of you whose New-Day-memories stretch even further back...

Daniel, adopted in 2011.

Vincent, adopted in 2011.

Jace (Robert), adopted in 2011.

Evangeline, adopted in 2011.

Lucy Kate, adopted in 2011.

Reagan, adopted in 2011.

Emma Lael (Addison), adopted in 2010.

Maria, adopted in 2010.

Evan (Forest), adopted in 2010.

Cooper, adopted in 2010.

Chloe (Elise), adopted in 2010.

Ruby, adopted in 2009.

Sophie, adopted in 2009.

Julia and her sister. Julia was adopted five years ago this month, in November 2009.

It makes us so happy to see these children looking so radiant and full of life.  The staff, nannies and foster families LOVE seeing pictures of fondly-remembered little ones, and exclaiming over how much they have grown.

All of them have amazing stories.  They had difficult beginnings, suffering the pain of loss and struggling through often terrifying medical conditions, but they all came through and now they are beloved sons and daughters.

Let's raise awareness of the wonder of adoption.  It's a long, difficult, expensive, painful process...and the beauty and joy that you see in these pictures is the result.


  1. Love seeing these familiar faces!! Thanks to those who shared pics of your "celebrity" kids!!

  2. I know sweet Maria -- and have met precious Claire. Gotta meet her brother, Colton.
    Great update!

  3. Makes my heart happy to see all these kids in their forever homes.