Thursday, November 12, 2015

NDSouth: Christmas Gift Sponsorship

Christmas Gift Sponsorships at New Day South

In previous years, New Day has run a Christmas sponsorship program where friends from around the world physically send gifts to the children and staff.  The gifts were always eagerly unwrapped and so appreciated, but this year all our locations (New Day Beijing, North and South) have decided to do things a little differently...

It costs a lot to mail packages to China from the US and other countries, and we thought it would be great if instead all of the money spent could be used to buy gifts.  By visiting the right markets/stores/websites, good quality gifts can now be purchased here in China for reasonable prices, and the shopping can be done by those who know just what the children (and staff) would enjoy.

Here is the plan...

We would love for you, our friends and supporters from around the world, to 'chip in' to help make Christmas special here at New Day South.  

You still get to pick which child and/or member of staff that you would like to help buy gifts for, and we promise to post LOTS of pictures of the gifts being opened and enjoyed.

Who would you like to help buy gifts for?! 

Once you have made up your mind, here's what to do next...

1. If you use PayPal, you can make the donation via our New Day South Christmas link. Otherwise, click on this link to go to our one-time donations page.  

2. IMPORTANT next step...please email to let us know who you have sponsored so that we can keep this page updated.

A donation of $25 for each child, and $15 for each member of staff, would be perfect! 

If you would like your sponsorship to be a gift for someone, we can email you a picture of the child that you chose with a special greeting message, which you can then print out and give as a gift. Please request this when you send your email (saying who you have chosen to sponsor - see above).

Children at New Day South Foster Home:

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