Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tim: Filling Out Those Cheeks!

It's been 4 months since Tim's heart surgery.  His recovery time was pretty long; he spent another 6 weeks in hospital after the surgery.  Since he's been home, he's been tucked away in our Critical Care Unit in an effort to protect him from infections.

Recovering and gaining strength is hard work.  For a long time, almost all the pictures that were taken of Tim showed him resting, napping, or fast-asleep!

Now, though, he's awake for longer periods and Gan Lu has more chances to capture his adorableness!

Before, all his energy was taken up with the important tasks of breathing and surviving...

...but now that he has gained some strength, he has a little extra energy for learning about the world around him, starting like all babies do - with his own hands!

His nannies make sure that he gets some 'tummy-time'.  Good job lifting your head, Tim.

He's also getting good at making noise!

Tim's wonderful new chubby cheeks are not just thanks to good nutrition; we think it's all the love that is making him grow.

Tim loves to snuggle; with his nannies, with volunteers...and with his 'big sister' Connie!

All this developing and growing is still quite exhausting though.  Must be time for another nap!

Seriously...those cheeks.

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