Wednesday, October 7, 2015

NDNorth: Leon is back!

Look who is back with us, up in Inner Mongolia!

It's handsome little Leon, who is reacquainting himself with all of the toys. He spent a few months in Beijing for pre-op, operative and post-op care during his second ENT surgery. He's feeling great now, and his nannies are so happy to have this growing-up-too-fast little man back in their care.

Since Leon was last here, he's grown from a bigger baby into a little boy. Not only does he now know how to get into tiffs with his foster siblings, Selah and Timothy, but he is learning how to play with them too! Ah, children.

It's wonderful to have you back with us, Leon. We're going to treasure these precious moments of growing and learning with you until you are adopted. 

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