Thursday, October 15, 2015

NDSouth: Thad's Happy Ending

Thad, like so many of our children here at New Day South, had a very difficult start to life.  Thad was found outside the local Women and Children's Hospital. He was left in a stroller with some diapers and a note from his parents, and doctors estimated that he was about ten days old. It was clear that he would need both heart surgery and neurological surgery.
After 7 weeks in the hospital, he finally was able to come home to New Day South.

We have celebrated each and every milestone in Thad's life.

But the Milestone that we are most excited about is that Thad has been matched with a forever family of his very own!
Thad may have had a difficult start in life...
but we believe that GREAT things have yet to come for him!

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  1. Praying for Thad....for you......for the whole adoption process. You ARE this little boy's forever family!