Thursday, October 22, 2015

NDSouth: Hayden's 43 Months

On March 12, 2012, Hayden was found by a passerby at a county health center. He was found with some baby clothes and a half bottle of milk, but his birth parents could not be located. The orphanage doctor diagnosed him with right eye blindness and estimated he was about two years old. Soon afterwards, the orphanage staff discovered that Hayden also had a large abdominal hernia, and he had not been able to stand or walk because of this.  

Hayden arrived at New Day South January of  2013. We don't know much about Hayden's first few years of life. We don't know the circumstances behind him being left or the care he received. All we know is that when Hayden arrived at New Day South, he was in need of a lot of love. 

When Hayden arrived he was scared, shy, and would often cry. He wasn't talking and didn't know how to express his feelings and needs. Since then the staff and volunteers at New Day South have showered him with love and affection and we have seen such a difference in this little boy.

Hayden has shown us his beautiful gentle personality, that loves to be silly and sing action songs! 

And as he waits, we pray that his forver family will find him and bring him home.

Hayden has waited for 43 months so far.
Our dream for Hayden is that he won't have to wait much longer for his forever family to find him and bring him home.

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