Friday, October 23, 2015

More New Boys

We have had a lot of new arrivals lately, and all of them just happen to be boys.  Which is fine by us; they are all super-handsome and adorable!

Now we have three more fine young men to introduce to you.  First, meet Sebastian...

This little cutie arrived two weeks ago, and he is now almost five months old.  He really is teeny-tiny, born prematurely with urological and orthopedic issues.

Marcus also arrived two weeks ago, and he is nearly one year old.  As you can see from his skin color, he is waiting for liver transplant surgery.  We're waiting and hoping for a suitable liver to become available...

Finally, meet Tyler, our most recent arrival.

Tyler is nearly 14 months old, and came into our care just last week.  He's already had heart surgery and faces some other medical challenges, including malnutrition.  Despite all he's been through, he is a cheerful little guy and has already begun to talk and stand with support.

Our amazing nannies are busy, getting to know their precious new charges and caring for them.  We can't wait to show you more pictures so that you can see the difference that love makes in these boys' lives.

Did you know that you can play a part in making that difference?  All three boys need monthly sponsors and surgery funds.

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