Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Therapy Tuesday: Helping Matthew

Our new arrival, Matthew, was born with orthopedic issues and our Physical Therapist, Zoey, has already started working with him.  With the kind of perfect timing that we see so often around here, it 'just so happens' that we also have a Physical Therapist visiting from the US, who has experience of working with other children facing similar challenges.

So, what is Matthew working on?

Rolling from side to side...

...sitting up, and head-control.  We are going to make sure that Matthew regularly gets held like a typically developing 7 month old, looking out at the world, not just cradled like a teeny baby.  He's certainly very curious about everything around him.

Matthew really responds to music; he loved hitting the keys on a toy piano, and clapping by hitting his wrists together.

The inflatable 'peanut' is great for Matthew, as it enables him to spend time on his belly and build strength in his head and neck muscles.  Finding positions that are comfortable and beneficial for Matthew is not easy, but it's amazing what creative and resourceful therapists can do!

By the way, remember when Matthew met Ava?  We have some more super-cute pictures of them together!

Matthew, we're glad that you have Ava to hang out with after working hard in your therapy sessions.

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