Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Therapy Tuesday: Dancing in Therapy

We couldn't resist the chance to share with you this adorable video of Robert doing a funny little dance in his therapy session...

He falls down, and gets back up again!

Robert has been making some great progress, gaining confidence in walking...

...and talking.  I happened to be arriving at the foster home door at the same time as Robert and his foster mama, and while she was putting on her indoor shoes Robert was saying "xié, xié!" (shoe), very excited about it all.

Robert is such an awesome little guy, so happy and affectionate.  As you can see, he has won the hearts of his speech therapist, occupational therapist, and everyone else that knows him.  There's something about Robert that makes you smile...

Just a reminder that we've heard Robert is listed as 'Colin' with Small World Adoption Agency - could you, or someone you know, be his forever family?

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