Sunday, August 2, 2015

NDNorth: Best News EVER!

Sometimes good news comes in waves, right? That's how it's been for us, lately! A few weeks ago we got the exciting news that Timothy was matched with a family. Not long afterwards we heard that Hannah also had a family working to bring her home - and she's been given the beautiful English name, Selah! Right after the wonderful news about Hannah... er, Selah, we found out that Luke is going to be Levi and will also be adopted soon!

Adoption is our favorite thing. The reason for adoption - the fact that each of these little ones are orphans and experienced the horrible tragedy of abandonment, is a hard truth. But the redemption that can happen, and the unconditional and forever love that we know will soon be our kid's forever? That's beautiful. 

Hannah, now Selah, will one day (hopefully) soon be a cherished daughter. She will have a forever family.

Luke, now Levi, is going to have a family to teach him and encourage him and teach him to do all of the special things that mommies and daddies teach their little boys how to do. 

And Timothy is going to get the chance to bless his adoptive family with his hilarity, his cuddliness and his contagious joy.  

Adoption takes a while, there's a lot of paperwork involved, and we're not sure when Selah, Levi and Timothy's families will be able to travel for them, But we know that one day, before too long, each of these kids will have families, and that's enough to cause us to celebrate today.

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