Friday, July 31, 2015

How Many People Does It Take To Give Eli A Haircut?

Eli's hair was getting a little crazy.  By the way, this is Eli's smile; it's quirky, but we love it.

It was haircut time, and Eli was not at all sure that he wanted to participate...

He looks a little apprehensive, doesn't he?  Amy tried to reassure him, but he still had concerns.

"You are going to use that thing on my hair?".

There were some tears, but Sarah came to the rescue with a lollipop.  Ben watched with great interest.

So how many people does it take to give Eli a haircut?  One to hold him still, one to hold the lollipop, one to wield the trimmers, and one to observe/give moral support!

The end result?  Very handsome and grown-up!  He may still look like a little baby, but Eli is actually almost 18 months.  He's just been a bit busy surviving with a serious heart condition and recovering from surgery.  Now he's ready for some more growing, and more having fun, AND he has a stylish new haircut.

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