Friday, August 28, 2015

Baby Room Photoshoot: Cuteness and Craziness

You can probably imagine the challenge of trying to take a group picture in the baby room.

One child needs propping up, one starts to cry, while another looks totally confused by the whole thing. One child strikes an adorable pose, but forgets to look at the camera.

We all need somebody to lean on, but sometimes all the leaning gets a bit too much!

One little guy manages a picture-perfect smile, but unfortunately everyone else is looking worried / falling over / closing their eyes.  Never mind, good effort, Ronan!

Maybe it would be easier to get a good picture of just two babies, how about Janessa and Eli, as they're the 'big ones'?

These two are such little characters, the pictures cry out for some silly captions...

"So, Janessa, I think they should move that picture over a little to the left. What do you think?"

A photo-shoot is tiring work, and after a while Eli decides he needs to rest his head for a moment.

Looks like Janessa's shoulder makes a comfortable pillow...

Or maybe he's just getting fed-up of sharing the limelight.  A solo spot, that's better.  High five!

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