Friday, July 24, 2015

When Jack Met Josie

Do you remember when Ben met Olivia?  It was pretty cute.

It was recently Josie's turn to move downstairs to be with the big kids, and she also got a very warm welcome...

Jack had a very good look at the new arrival.  Yes, he still sucks his middle two fingers.  Yes, it is adorable.

Does she have soft skin, Jack?

A kiss!  Josie was a little surprised, but not too worried.

Jack wasn't the only one interested in the new arrival...

Alfred (from New Day North) also came over to say hello.  Can you handle all this admiration, Josie?

Josie grabbed hold of Alfred's face.  Jack couldn't bear to watch!

Better give her another kiss, Jack.  Alfred looks like he's watching and learning, doesn't he?  This is how we welcome new arrivals - with plenty of love and affection.

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