Thursday, July 23, 2015

NDSouth: Our Favorite Firsts this Week

We had some exciting 1st this week at New Day South, and we want to show them to you!

Here is our sweet Jade, showing us that she can sit (almost) all by herself!  
Way to go Jade!

Not to be undone, next we have Sophia who is enjoying her 'tummytime' 
.... this is the 1st step towards crawling ~ holding her head up.  
Great job Sophia!

Speaking of crawling, Zeke has discovered the faster way to crawl this week, on all fours.
Look out world, here he comes!

Of course one of the cutest firsts, Sadie is discovering her smile this week.

 This week the Ayis had fun teaching Hayden some jumping games,
he is jumping around the foster home now!

And last but not least, sweet Anna got to experiance a first with a new toy here.
Rocking a baby in a cradle.
What are great Mama you are Anna! 

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try" ~ Anonymous 

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