Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Transformation Tuesday: Lukas

Lukas arrived at New Day Foster Home almost exactly two years ago, just two months before his first birthday.  This is what he looked like then...

Adorable, right?  He definitely still had that squishy-baby look.

These past two years, Lukas has been doing a great job of growing up, while still retaining his 'adorable-ness'.

Finding cute pictures of him to post has not been a problem at all, especially when he's with Annabel (which is...everyday).

Okay Annabel, we get it...enough cute pictures of Lukas!

In all seriousness, a 'Transformation Tuesday' post doesn't necessarily mean that a child is going to be leaving to join their forever family soon.  These posts can simply be an opportunity to celebrate some beautiful transformations that we're seeing.  However, sometimes a 'Transformation Tuesday' post is the last time you'll get to see a child on this blog.  The rest of their transformation, from abandoned orphan to beloved son, will take place in their new life, and it will be even more beautiful.

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