Sunday, May 24, 2015

NDNorth: Learning how to Dance!

For children with special needs, sometimes the simplest things are a little more challenging. Things like eating, playing with toys, and even dancing take a bit more work.

Our kiddos have been working super hard these days, and one of the new things that they have learned how to do is to dance. Now, all we have to do is turn on some fun music and say, "Come on, Kristiana, let's dance!" and then, well... just look at her!

(psst... you'll also see another thing that Kristiana can do now, which is wipe her nose with a tissue. She's pretty proud of all of her new accomplishments.)


Emerson can dance too! He got a bit shy when he saw the camera, but you can see his arms waving around in the first part of the video. Stephanie thought that the two of them were hilarious.

Aren't they impressive?

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