Monday, May 25, 2015

Charlotte, Charlotte and More Charlotte

All of the kids here at New Day Foster Home are utterly adorable, and it's not difficult to find cute pictures of them to post on this blog, our Facebook page and Instagram.  Sometimes though, a child is just so photogenic that it's impossible to cope with the never-ending supply of amazing pictures that GanLu takes of them.

Would anyone object to a whole post-full of stunning Charlotte photographs?

No, we thought not!

Now for YOUR challenge - can you choose a favorite?!  Answers in the 'comments' section...

1. The 'serious, gazing at the camera' one?

2. The 'huge smile, disappearing eyes' one?

3. The 'brave-heart scar peeking out' one?

4. The 'what will they dress me up in next?!' one?

5. Or this one?

6. The 'beginning to learn to walk' one?

7. Or this 'born to wear a crown' pic of our Princess Charlotte?

Tough choice, huh?

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