Sunday, April 12, 2015

NDNorth: Someone has grown...

It feels like just yesterday when we met little Leon. Actually, it was August. And when we look at pictures of how little he was when he first arrived into our care, it's almost hard to believe how much he has grown!

Leon has grown from an itty bitty baby to a chunky little guy who likes to sit in his bumbo seat and grin at us when we pretend to tickle him.

He can also hold his head up high when on his belly. What do you think of his "New Years" hair cut? His nanny gave him that... we'd love to see what he looks like with hair, but it seems to be the Chinese way to shave boys until their older. Oh well, you have a really cute head, Leon!

He doesn't just smile and giggle - Leon makes goofy faces too! 

He's grown so big so fast, and I'm afraid that all we'll need to do is blink and he'll be crawling. Oh dear.