Monday, April 13, 2015

A Wheelchair Made For Two (Or Three)

We have some special pictures of two amazing boys, who are just four months apart in age.

Now that Judah has casts on his legs they don't need to be protected like they did when he first had surgery, which means that he can share his wheelchair with a friend.

Austyn was willing to give it a try, and Judah thought it was a good opportunity to pose for a picture looking cool...or was it supposed to be scary?

Then Josiah decided that he would like to join in the fun.  It got a little crowded!

Don't you just love their expressions?

Judah and Austyn share a love of throwing balls, and we have more photographic evidence of them hanging out together -

Slightly blurry pictures because the boys were far too busy flinging the balls around to pose nicely for a picture!

Doesn't it make your heart glad, to see these two finding ways to overcome the limitations that they face...and get on with having fun?

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