Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Transformation Tuesday: Asher

Asher has been at New Day Foster Home since he was two years old.  We saw his transformation beginning almost immediately, you can read about it in this very first blog post about him.

The most obvious thing to say about Asher is that he is super-cute!  He was an adorable toddler, and now he is a very handsome almost five-year-old.

What the pictures don't show so clearly is that Asher has faced, and continues to face, some pretty serious health issues.  He's already had five surgeries; a lot of hospital time and doctors' visits and medical care.

It's easy to look at pictures of a cute kid like Asher and say "oh, I'd love to adopt him", and many people did, but the reality was that last summer Asher still wasn't matched with a family.  We published this post at the start of June, and later that month we received wonderful news - Asher had been matched with his forever family!

It has been our joy and privilege to take care of Asher for these last two and a half years. His foster family have done an awesome job of showing him what the love of a family looks like, our medical team have carefully managed his care, and he's blossomed in the our preschool.

The time will soon come when our favorite transformation of all will take place; Asher's transformation from orphan to son.  His amazing smile will be missed around here, but we will be so, so happy for him.

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  1. I had the privilege of spending a little bit of time with this adorable blessing last week while volunteering. He is pure joy! His forever family can look forward to smiles upon smiles and blessings upon blessings! Beautiful post, Laura!