Monday, March 23, 2015

Robert's Big Move

Poppy's recent adoption meant that her foster family had space in their home (and in their incredibly loving hearts) for another little one...

Robert has been doing well and doesn't need complex medical care, so the decision was made that he could become Luke's new foster brother.  In fact, Robert actually picked out this mama for himself!  When Jessica was visiting, he crawled over to her and clearly said "Mama".  Happily, we were able to make this wish come true!

His new foster mama spent a week visiting with him in the Foster Home so that they could get to know each other.

When 'handover day' arrived, Robert's nanny said goodbye...

...and Wang Shu, our Foster Family Manager officially handed him over to his new mama.

Robert is an easy-going little guy and we're confident that he'll soon adjust to his new living situation, but it's a huge change for him nonetheless.  As he has recently turned two, he will soon be able to start coming back to New Day for preschool class.  We'll certainly be happy to see his sweet face!

We're so glad for Robert that he gets to be part of a foster family, and know that it will do him so much good, but what he needs most of all is a family that he can be loved by forever...

We have heard that Robert is listed as 'Colin' with Small World Adoption Agency - could you, or someone you know, be his forever family?

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