Monday, March 16, 2015

Our Beautiful CCU

The Critical Care Unit is home to our most medically fragile children.

The ones, like Ari and Ella, that need daily treatments and careful positioning.

Little ones born with serious heart conditions, like Eli and Lily, who need to be protected as much as possible from infections and viruses.  These two are developing a sweet little friendship; the other day Lily even tried to put Eli's pacifier back in his mouth for him!

It's staffed by amazing, dedicated nannies who pour themselves out for the children, despite the risk of loss.  These ladies grieved hard for Albert, Reese and Esther, but I think these pictures show that their love and joy is alive and well.

Precious Ella was taking a nap when these pictures were taken.  She still needs a bunch of miracles, but she's busy growing and gets more beautiful every day.

Ari talks and laughs and enjoys his food.  Looks like no-one told him about being miserable when you have a serious health condition...

Lily and her friends say 'bye bye' for now.  They are busy growing strong and being loved, and we're so glad that the CCU can be their home until they are ready for the big wide world.

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  1. My fundraising campaign to help Ari is still open. Any little help is very much appreciated. Thanks