Monday, February 2, 2015

The Dangers of the Toddler Room

When volunteers come to the Foster Home, they will be assigned a room to work in.  Maybe they will be in the preschool, helping the kids with crafts and joining in with song-time.  Maybe they will be upstairs in the baby room, cuddling the little ones and playing peekaboo. Or maybe, if we think they can handle it, they will be sent into the toddler room...

They should be prepared to have their arms full, both of children who want to play and children who just want to snuggle.

You know how seeing kids race around with so much energy can make you feel tired in comparison? Playroom volunteers should be prepared to leave feeling exhausted.

A day in the toddler room is physically demanding too.  Arm-strength will be tested again and again...and again.

This assignment is truly not for the faint-hearted...

Don't worry, the glasses (and the volunteer!) survived.

The biggest danger in the toddler room, though?  It is very possible that a part of your heart may get left behind...

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